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21 February – 3 March 2022

APRICOT Peering Social

The Peering Social event will be held fully online on Tuesday 1st March after the day's proceedings have completed.

The social event will take the form of an online game. It is open to all registered delegates of APRICOT 2022. Access to the online game will only be via the APRICOT 2022 website.

There are minimum technical requirements that our partner, Banana Life, requires for participation.

Participants must ensure they have:

  • headphones (required! earbuds or AirPods are fine)
  • laptop or desktop with web camera (phones/tablets are NOT supported)
  • good Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth (8Mbps down, 4Mbps up)
  • latest versions of Firefox or Chrome or Edge web browser
  • closed all other browser tabs and applications
  • cookies enabled
  • Quiet area away from other players or background noise
  • VPNs are incompatible with the event. Plan accordingly

Think of it as a virtual game show starring you and your colleagues, with video conferencing built-in, and a live host to keep things moving!

We hope all delegates will take part in what promises to be a fun and exciting hour long game.

Peering Social Sponsor

Equinix website