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21 February – 3 March 2022

APRICOT 2022 Distributed Peering Social

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The Distributed Peering Social is a community effort facilitated by APRICOT and supported by our Peering Social Sponsor, Equinix.

The goal, where possible and permitted by local regulations, is for the local peering community to self-organise a social gathering as part of APRICOT 2022, to encourage informal discussion about peering and interconnections, and allow members of the local community meet each other in an informal setting. APRICOT's goal is to facilitate improvements to the Internet in the Asia and Pacific regions, and it is our hope that the Distributed Peering Social will help.

The APRICOT 2022 Secretariat and the Distributed Peering Social organisers are looking for volunteers from the peering community who are interested in organising a gathering for the peering community in their economy, or region, or city. APRICOT 2022 will provide some financial support towards the gathering.

The Distributed Peering Social would take place at a time of the local organiser's choosing, but we are planning for these activities to take place once the APRICOT Peering Forum completes on Tuesday 1st March at 16:30 Singapore timezone. There is no plan to coordinate these across the timezones in the Asia and Pacific region (from +5UTC across the date-line to -10UTC), and we encourage local organisers to make arrangements that work best for the local community and yet allows them to participate in the APRICOT Peering Forum conference sessions.

For more details and to express interest in hosting a local peering social event, please contact the APRICOT 2022 Secretariat.